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Behind the scenes

Here are a few images of behind the scenes at the photoshoot yesterday. Although the manufacturing part of my project overlapped and took slightly longer than hopes I still had enough time at the end to get my product photographed.



Planning the exhibition space

So, I am nearly there with the final model and everything is starting to come together. Here are a few images of me thinking about how I am going to have my exhibition space and what layout will be best to convey my idea best.




5 hours later and only at 76%….rendering really does take it’s time!


Sending a sample

I have chosen to inkjet print into the substrate (MDF) to create the desired patterns, Prints and images. This is a process that is becoming more and more common in the production of personalised gifts and objects. However, to test whether this process will indeed work for what I want I will need to travel to Edinburgh to a factory with the relevant machinery.

As the factory have never printed on the MDF I am seeking I have finished the material with toe finishes. I then sent this to the factory so they could test which one was more successful so I could prepare the wood depending on the results.



Final cutting lists

At this time of year the workshops are increasingly busy so it is really important to manage your time well and give staff cutting lists where possible to ensure your material is cut correctly.



Choosing the final drop leaf designs

When choosing the the final prints for the changeable panels I need to convey the commercial desire and ease of change ability.

Hopefully with these images I can appeal to a wider audience showing that the design can be adapted to anyone’s own inspiration.




Testing the support arms

Not quite sure how they work….,but they do!

One step closer to a working drop leaf table.




ICFF Gold and Brass

One of the biggest challenges with designing my final design has been to allow it to evolve with the consumer and adapt to their changing needs and preferences. However, research showed that even though individuals claim not be following trends the micro and macro trends that are born quite commonly find their way into the high street.

A trend that has been picked up within furniture design most recently has been noted at the ICFF which a repeat appearance of Gold and Brass. Whether it be a small finish or bold section the two metallic finishes are everywhere!

How does this affect my design?

Well, in terms of being able to adapt to the changing trends it could be quite difficult to change whole panels (drop leaf panel) into gold or brass. For this reason could the connector or handle be manufactured in such a material in reaction to this change?

Making progress

My final prototype is finally up and on four legs. Although it has taken quite a lot of time it has helped me to make important decisions. It has also been vital in learning the process behind creating my final model.

I have had a lot of success but also a lot of fails/problems with making this model which has made it a huge learning curve.